Tosha ?? – September 21, 2012 – June 24, 2015

Dear Tosha,

We miss you so!  Wednesday morning we started down a different journey with me trying unsuccessfully to catch a urine sample to save you a trip from the vet. 

We were talking and we looked into each other’s eyes.  You gave me the look and I just knew.  You brushed your head on my leg and told me it was time to go.  We talked it through and today was going to be “your perfect day.” 

From then on; you fell up the stairs and while walking, your back end would not support you, you yelped in pain trying to get into the car, to your eyes twitching back and forth and you had unnormal panting and finally you wanted to hide under the tight deck at your favorite place in the country.

Since you love it so at the Phillip’s, where we house sit … we loaded up the boys and that's were we went … and walked, sniffed, explored,and hung out in the shade for the afternoon. 

You got your own special hamburger on the way to see Dr. Whipps.  We got to lay together in the back of the car with all the doors open and the breeze surrounding us with angels.  You gave me kisses while I hugged you tight.  Then you went into a deep, relaxed sleep with deep, deep breaths and loud snores.  There was so much peace and no more pain. 

It was the perfect end to your journey with us for now. 

Your 16 year old spirit and soul still touches us at every moment. 

We miss your getting the neighbor dogs all riled up, barking just cuz, your air snaps, your herding Obi-Wan and Sabrina and keeping Chevy and Bentley in line.  You touched our hearts with your tough, tough soul and amazing character and spirit. 

I love you to the end of the universes and back.  I can hardly wait to see you at the bridge with all the others when the time comes. 

Love you always with all my heart,

Your Rescue Mom and BFF




Tosha is a very sweet 13 year old girl who was turned into Animal Control by her owner.  Tosha's teeth are getting bad and she eats soft food.  She's very sweet, and really would like a new home soon.  A fluffy bed of her own would be wonderful.

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