Another two years have gone by, ten all totaled, since we added Shadow and Sophie to our family.  Our  family, unfortunately, is heartbroken over the recent loss of Shadow.   On February 12th,  2015 Shadow passed away peacefully at the age of 13 in the

arms of her parents (Melissa and Tony) and with her daughter Sophie also at her side in Spokane, WA after a long battle with canine epilepsy.  It was both sad and wonderful to see Shadow’s and Sophie’s story and picture (porcupine quills and all) still on the front page of CPR’s website, hopefully inspiring others to adopt as we did.  Even through the tears, of which there are still many, Melissa and I want to thank you all at CPR again for bringing Shadow and Sophie into our lives.  Since we had no children of our own, they became our fuzzy children from the day we met them.  Sophie is adjusting as well as she can after losing her mother.  Fortunately, I was able to spend the last few months at home with them both while I recovered from back surgery.  As I will be returning to work in April, we would like to reach out to you regarding another rescue/adoption of a female black lab pup as a companion for Sophie.  If you have one or can put us in touch with someone who does, please email or call us.  And thank you one last time for the privilege of rescuing/adopting Shadow and Sophie.  But as I usually tell other people, it was in earnest they who rescued us.


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Please note: Descriptions of the dogs (including evaluation and temperament) listed are furnished by rescuers and other sources. We are providing an exchange of information only and are not always able to verify the information and as such you should verify the information yourself.  Dogs listed for an owner, for animal control, or any other source are not under the responsibility of Colville Pet Rescue.  The status of their vaccinations, medical condition, and whether they are spayed or neutered should be discussed with the owner or agency who has the animal.      
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