Ope aka Shep
Wanted to let you know about the recent passing of Opie (fka Shep). 


You all transferred him to National English Shepherd Rescue and we adopted him from NESR in 2003.  He died on Monday from hemmorhagic gastroenteritis.  It was extremely fast and, thankfully, he did not suffer long.  But we are heartbroken that we only got to share his life for 8 short years.    


I can truly say Opie changed our lives for the better.  After adopting him from NESR, I became very involved with that rescue group and we went on to adopt 2 more dogs from them.  Opie was involved in both agility and herding for a while, but his favorite pastime was watching over our home, our small flock of goats and chickens, and riding in the old truck with my husband.  Opie was my husband's best buddy.  Ope was a big challenge as a puppy, smarter than any dog I've ever known, and became a thoughtful and sensitive adult dog.  Once he got to know a stranger, they were his friend forever.

As a fellow rescue volunteer, I know that there are days it is hard to keep going.  When I feel that way, I go back to "happy homes" stories. So I wanted to let you know that your efforts in saving Opie's life had a huge ripple effect:  You saved him, we adopted a couple more, and then continued to help other families find dogs as fine as Opie.

I am attaching a couple photos of him taken recently.  Thank you for saving his life.  We will miss him so very much.




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