Way Adopted!

Clifford is doing really well.  He has it pretty good around here.  Lots of sleep and even more attention.  He certainly never has to go long without getting love from someone.  He went to Petsmart and they gave him 3 baths and brushed him for over an hour.  He was quite the star there and came out looking quite handsome.  Every once in a while he shows signs that someone was not very nice to him in the past, but at least he doesn't have to worry about that now.

Gone, but always remembered

Clifford died this morning from complications related to blood cancer. He was the most wonderful dog I have ever been around. I thought I was rescuing him, but he did just as much for me. It was the best decision I have ever made to jump up from the computer and drive right out to Colville to get him. I am heartbroken, and he will be greatly missed. I just sent you a donation through Paypal that I want to be from him so you can help more dogs just like him. Thank you very much for what you do.

Clifford is one very special dog.  He is such a gentle boy, very sweet.   When he came out of the pound, he jumped right into the truck and made himself at home.  He's very well leash trained and easy to handle.  Clifford had a home with a family, but he liked to chase the goats, so they turned him into the pound.  Clifford is current on his vaccinations, and is neutered. 


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