Chevy's Tale
Things did not go well for little Chevy.  He was much worse this morning and was obviously in extreme pain and had labored breathing.  I rushed him to pet emergency.  The vet took x-rays.  He had a fractured hip, broken ribs, collapsed lung, plus  abdominal injuries and probably a broken front foot or lower leg.  The abdomen injury would have required exploratory surgery.  The vet didn't think he's survive the surgery.  He was a great ittle boy and it broke my heart to have to give the order, but I had to have him put to sleep.
It was unfair to allow him to suffer as much as he was.  It's very upsetting.
I will give Mercedes, Jersey and Calli just that much more love. 

After I called the guy that gave me the heads up on the dog in the first place, I told him the extent of his injuries and that the vet's husband is a County Sheriffs deputy and she was making a full report and giving it to him.
He went to the owners of Chevy and the 10 year old boy confessed to giving Chevy a ride on a 4 wheel drive off road vehicle where Chevy fell off and was run over by the vehicle.
Little Chevy now goes to the In memory of section as I was just too late to save him.

He was an extraordinary little guy and he was given lots of love right to the end and even in severe pain, he managed to lick my face and wag his tail

BEFORE:  This absolutely CUTE puppy is about 12 weeks old.  He was owned by a family with 2 young boys.  The puppy was injured on the rear right hip, but no one knows how.  The family who has taken him in until the puppy can go see a vet cannot keep him.  He needs a foster home right away.  If you can help, please email


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