BULLSEYE was a 7 month Red Heeler pup who just died of parvo in spite of every effort by Rescue to save him.  The people who surrendered this puppy to the dog pound had no business at all having him, they signed his death warrant when they took him home as a tiny very cute puppy.  He had two strikes against him when he was “owner surrendered” to the dog pound just a few days before he died at the veterinary hospital.  

1.  They didn’t take responsibility for getting his vaccinations as a tiny puppy.  They didn’t worm him, he came into the animal shelter with worms.
2.  They did not have the time or the knowledge to train a puppy.  So when, at 7 months, he wasn’t tiny and cute any more, had not been taught basic manners, they just dumped him off at the animal shelter.  With no shots.  But  having already been exposed to the deadly parvo.  So now they are rid of him, and somebody else can cry for him.
The Australian Heelers are pretty gutsy dogs, they have to be for what they are bred to do: work livestock.  But no dog is a match for the parvo virus.  It is a sin that people bring a dog home but won’t spend a little money for a shot.  So that this dog they care so little about will die such a terrible death after a Rescue spends $300-$400 trying to save him.
Bullseye did not deserve this fate.  Wherever this puppy was when he was ”little and so cute” he should have been left there.



BULLSEYE is a 7 month old Red Heeler mix boy.  He's an owner surrender because his people had kids, and didn't have time to train him.  He needs to be taught to not jump up on people.  Bullseye has a little cocky attitude but Heelers are very intelligent and trainable.  He has received his first 5-way vaccine.  When he comes to rescue, he will visit the vet for neuter, and go into a foster family. 

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