Yoda is a three year old bull terrier mix. He came to us when his family moved to a place that didn’t allow pets. He is neutered and vaccinated.  He is great inside, and can be left all day and won't chew things up, but looks out the window as he guards the place, so plants on "his" windowsill might not work.  He's smart, handsome, and friendly with adults and kids.  He has a strong tail, at face height to toddlers.  When a neighbor's newborn cried, he got worried and lay down next to it after giving him a good sniff.  His not always nice to other dogs, because he wasn't well socialized with dogs.  He'd do best in a home with no other dogs, or perhaps a large female.  Little or no "dog traffic" in or around the home.  But, he is good with cats.  He is still a bit head shy, so was obviously hit as a means of discipline. Once he realized he wouldn't be hit, even if he were in trouble, he opened up and started showing who he is, and quickly became a loving part of the home.


He loves to run, be outside and play and will even swim even though it makes him cold and will run in to sit in front of the woodstove when you open the door.   He gets cold easily having basically no useful coat so is covered with a blanket at night and when he sleeps.  If he is curled up OR his ears are cold he needs a blanket.  He also loves to chase sticks, all the more if someone else wants it, but he won't bring them back.   He is a smart and loyal dog but is also headstrong and pushy in his own funny, endlessly endearing and entertaining yet sometimes annoying way.  He needs someone with patience and experience because he will always have his own ideas, like “why can't I sniff that kitten even though you said no again?” or “why can't I chase that raccoon/skunk/strange dog or cat off the porch even though you said NO?” and “but I like laying in the kitchen and I left when you told me to (but now I'm back-again)”. 



He will sometimes chase the cats when outside, especially if they are not ‘his’ cats.  He gets busted for it and although it doesn’t stick as well as we’d like, he never chases to hurt them, just to make them run.   He has great indoor manners, he comes at a flat run when called, when out on walks he doesn’t run off, he doesn’t wander (he fosters in a home next to a forest far from town), he doesn’t dig, he does not chew or get into the garbage or cat food bowl is very easy to train.  He does

get large bovine leg or knuckle bones, though.   Like all dogs he loves to please.  He also loves going in the car.  He is also protective of the people in his home.  He barks when cars pull up or someone knocks or he hears noises outside and goes to look out his window with no plants so no one can come in or near unannounced.  He is a well loved part of the foster home he is in and will be an amazing dog for the right people.  

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