Tucker is a purebred chocolate Cocker Spaniel, 3 years old.  Tucker has a wonderful personality, playful, friendly, and outgoing.  He is 3 years old.  Tucker is so smart, he knows "outside?" and responds accordingly.  He will go outside, then wait patiently for a leash to be put on him, as he's never had a yard.  He is very well house trained.  Tucker is an indoor dog, and sleeps by your bed.  He has been allowed on the furniture.  He is crate trained to the extent that he goes into a crate with no argument, but sobs pitifully all the time he's in there.  (ok, so we just let him out)  Tucker loves to ride in the car, and look out the window.

Tucker is an owner surrender because his young owner's land lord says "no pets."  Tucker's previous owner says that he loves kids and other dogs, but not cats.  He also said "no birds."  Retrieving your parakeet to you probably doesn't seem much different to Tucker than bringing you a pheasant.



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