Tommy came into the pound as a stray puppy, with 2 other dogs. There's lots of snow, and we think the dogs just got lost, climbing over the fence because of the high snow. Owners came for the others, but Tommy is still unclaimed. Tommy is neutered, and very soft and gentle. He's well mannered, and walks well on leash. He really didn't want to go back into the run at animal control, but obeyed without question. He's a really nice boy. One of the boys you meet that you know is really special and kind. Tommy is, we believe, an American Staffordshire Terrier (Pit Bull Terrier), the .most maligned breed on the planet at this time (but improving) And this puppy needs a home. This strong breed reached the U.S. about 1870, where it was used, as in Britain, to fight other dogs in pits.  It was

 recognized by the A.K.C. in 1935. By this time, the “sport” of dog fighting had long since waned, and the breed had been developed into a companion dog. By A.K.C standards, this breed should be, and is, affectionate and trustworthy towards its owner, and a fine guard. Owing to its ancestry it might be (but not necessarily), aggressive to other dogs and to need firm control. Tommy is great with other dogs.  Some irresponsible breeders and owners have encouraged the dog’s aggressive tendencies, making this breed widely feared. The Pit Bulls & Am Staffs, unfortunately, have become the “dog of choice” for the drug dealers. These people are not known for being active in the local obedience classes, 4-H, and animal welfare groups. In the wonderful movie and book “Incredible Journey”, based on a true story, one of the dogs who made "the incredible Journey home" was the courageous “Chance". He was
the beloved Pit Bull. In the early movies, “Little Rascals”, the dog always with the little kids was a Pit Bull. Many of the antique pictures depict children being guarded affectionately by a Pit Bull. That was before any of us ever heard of drug dealers or Michael Vick. Now, about Tommy: He's very young, playful, trusting. He can go to absolutely any home and fit in. You will love him. And he will love you forever. Typically, all Terriers are hardy, healthy, long lived. And they make you laugh a lot. If you love Terriers; their heart, their spunk, their longevity, their loyalty, their intelligence, think about giving Tommy a chance to be your forever companion, with no prejudice

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