The Peke is a pleasure for those who enjoy the companionship of an amusing, calm, independent dog.  Chinese legend says that it is the result of a union between a lion and a monkey, combining the nobleness of the former with the grace of the latter; an apt description."

Chansu is blind in one eye, and has a couple of little teeth missing, but the vet says he is very healthy, his heart is strong. 

Chansu is a purebred little blond Pekinese, about 8 years old.  He is very mellow, affectionate, and quiet.  His favorite thing is to just follow you around the house like a little dust mop.  He likes to hop up on the furniture, and plays very well with the other dogs.  Chansu is extremely well house trained, and will bark to go outside if you're not paying attention to his standing at the door.  Chansu was found lost, and brought to Rescue, but his owners have not been located for 2 weeks. 

"At one time the Pekes were the exclusive property of the Chinese Imperial Palace, and strongly associated with the lion dogs of Buddhism.  According to the rules set by the Chinese Dowager Empress Tzi Hsi, the Peke should have short, bowed legs so that it cannot wander far, a thick ruff of fur around its neck to give it an aura of dignity, and selective taste buds so that it should appear dainty.  She neglected to mention other striking qualities, including the stubborness of a mule, the condescension of the haughty, and the speed of a snail.


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