Bridgit aka Jersey aka J-Dog
 I I suspect that she may have been abused a little in her first few months before she went to the pound and then to CPR. because although she is extremely loving and affectionate, she has always been wary of strangers.  Everyday she goes to work with us and Mercedes, my other AmStaff and meets people all day. 




Bridgit is adopted, and is now Jersey, or J-Dog.   A luck girl, new dog friends, and a new family, too.

When I go to the parts stores etc, Jersey goes along and goes inside and gets treats.  We have really worked hard with her socialization and she is doing superb and is greeting strangers now with a wagging tail saying pet me instead of a bark (still saying pet me though) and I am extremely pleased with her progress because without you (CPR) and a good adoption, she wouldn't
have made it and would have surely been put down and she is such a great girl.  She goes to the river 3 or 4 times a week where she leaps off of boulders into the water and swims for hours.  The 2 things in this world she loves most; Squirrels and the river.  It's wonderful to have given her the chance, see her succeed  and look into her eyes and see the gratitude and love in them.

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