Beezer is a very nice girl, loves kids. She's 2 1/2 years old, and very well housetrained. She's only about 40 pounds.  Takes treats very gently, and will sit when asked. She has 2 names, her name from her first family, which is Kahlua, and the name we gave her, Beezer. She will ignore you when you call "Beezer" but if you say "Beezer Kahlua" she comes running! She has an easy to care for coat, one of the kind of coats that are called hypoallergenic. She does not do good with some other dogs, but loves people. She has to be introduced to another dog to see if she will like them or not. She does fine in a yard with an electric fence, and she has learned to use a doggie door in her foster home. She is spayed, and ready for you to take her home.

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