Bayley L

   Bailey is 10 months old, neutered and is a Brittany mix . He is great on a leash, doesn’t run off and comes when called while out carousing, likes to go on bike rides and will trot next to the bicycle. He is very playful, and a house with kids would be perfect but only if over 5 or 6 since he is young and doesn’t have the spatial awareness not to turn and knock a smaller child down but he will do it with the nicest of intentions. He is a hunting/sporting breed so is a very good tracker and we have set up tracks for him using deer meat rubbed on a towel and then let him follow it and training him to this has been incredibly easy. He will not tolerate a home where he is being tied up and ignored or not interacted with and exercised. He is

 growing back a coat that is long, silky and fine and surprisingly, doesn’t shed all that much but the snow gets caught in it causing golf ball sized ice balls under his armpits and between and under his toes so he is familiar with (although still a bit suspicious of) clippers. He is incredibly friendly and happy and really just goofy. He knows sit, stay, lay down, back, out of the kitchen, no, heel, walk, stay out of the cat food (compost, cat box, etc) He can be left alone once familiar with who and where he is. We leave him in the bedroom while gone because he constantly heckles and/or plays with the two dogs thus trashing the house while playing. I can't stress enough how happy and easy going he is. He wants nothing more than to be a part of everything. He will never be a dog that achieves regimented obedience, ie sitting still waiting for the next command but he is NOT dumb, just very much a product of his breeding. So in short, he will be wonderful as a family dog that wants basic obedience and a loving friend that will play with kids and dogs and cats.


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