Baron is a really good boy.  He is fast at learning and is interacting with our other dog and our 2 cats.  He is very well housetrained, he will go by the door and whine.  Baron is also learning which food plate is his and which is the other dog's or the cats.  There was an identity issue with Cider at first but Baron is now getting used to hearing his name.  He is doing great with sit and lay down.  We have taken a bone from his mouth or an object unknown to ensure his safety and I have put my hand in his bowl while he was eating and the only thing he did was start eating faster.   I wonder why anyone would do any training with him and then just dump him off.  I think he has had some training or he is the smartest dog I have ever encountered.  He doesn't like getting into the car, but once in he loves to ride!  Probably remembers getting into a car then being dumped.


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