Bindy is in foster care
Female Pit X
About  1 yr, 29 lbs
Message From Foster:
Bindy comes to us as a foster doggie via the Colville Pet Rescue !!! yay !!! Her arrival here to us is just great and was needed !!! Bindy shows no sign of aggression but more of submission and after here for about 45 mins. with us, she combat crawled right to the kids and is loving and loves to be loved on !!! SO KEWL !!! She shows no sign of aggression to Damian, the other critters or pups, and shows no sign of food aggression either, that's awesome - she will fit in here and soon will be playing in the yard with everyone, ... Cassie and crew is going over her, found she needs a manicure and a few more things. GOOD! takin' care of biz !!! lol a HUGE Thank you to Dale & Laure Simpson for all the hard work they do, Angels & Heroes for sure !!!
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