Colville Pet Rescue Foster Agreement
Registered Name (if available):

AKC Number (if available):

Call Name:

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I/we, the undersigned fostering party, understand and agree to the following terms and conditions of this contract in the acquisition of the above-described animal , hereinafter referred to as "dog":

  • 1. To return the dog to the Rescue Program if unable to keep the dog. To never abandon the  dog or surrender, sell, or give the dog to a shelter, pet dealer, or a laboratory.
  • 2. To notify the Rescue Program if the dog is lost or stolen and to make all reasonable efforts to locate the dog.
  • 3. To never allow this dog to be trained for or used for protection or as an attack dog.
  • 4. To treat this dog as a family pet with affection and kindness, never subjecting this dog to abuse or cruelty.
  • 5. To notify Rescue when shots, parasite checks, or other medical attention is needed. 
  • 6. To always keep this dog within a fenced yard (not on a chain), on a leash, or safely within the home.
  • 7. To not transport this dog unconfined in an open vehicle.
  • 8. To regularly check the tightness of any collar. To affix any licenses and tags to the collar and to never leave a choke chain on the dog when not attended.
  • 9. To notify the Rescue Program of the dog's annual progress.
  • 10. To allow the Rescue Program to periodically check on this dog.
  • 11.To contact the Rescue Program, a veterinarian, or an obedience trainer when problems arise so that the problem may be eliminated or alleviated.

I/we further understand and agree that:

  • 1. Non-compliance with any of the above terms and conditions may result in the immediate forfeiture of the dog and that the Rescue Program may reclaim this dog without payment of compensation to me/us. Initials:_________
    2. The Rescue Program has explained the typical characteristics and temperament
    of the
    dog  Initials:__________
    3. The Rescue Program has advised me/us that the dog can sometimes dig, chew, soil, and exhibit other undesirable traits unless properly supervised, confined, and trained.  Initials:__________
    4.The Rescue Program has informed me of all medical attention the dog has been given and may need in the future.  Initials:__________
  • 5. The Rescue Program has advised me that this dog may have been neglected, mistreated, or abused and that special care or precautions may be required.  Initials:__________
    6.Any notices required to the Rescue Program required by this contract will be sent first class mail to: Colville Pet Rescue, c/o Barman's Country Store, 230 S. Main St.,   Colville, WA., 99114 Initials:__________
    7. The Rescue Program has provided me/us with the above-mentioned dog. Initials:__________
    8. If the Rescue Program coordinator does not believe that the placement of this dog with me has been successful, the Rescue Program may reclaim the dog.Initials_______________

 In consideration of the foster arrangement of this dog, I/we agree to assume full responsibility for the conduct of this dog upon the date of this contract. I/we further agree to hold harmless the Rescue Program, its board of directors, its officers, its volunteers, and any individuals associated with the Rescue Program and to indemnify such organizations or individuals for any damages or costs resulting from liability, known or unknown, anticipated or unanticipated, as a result of the dog's conduct after the date of this adoption contract.

Puppies (dogs under 1 year of age) need to have a series of vaccinations.   We have supplied you with the status of their vaccinations, and have informed you that puppies are susceptible to infectious diseases until their vaccination series has been completed.   If the puppy you adopt becomes ill, you must take your puppy to a veterinarian, and notify us immediately.   If your veterinarian recommends that the puppy be euthanized (put to sleep), you must contact us before approval is given to euthanize. 


Signed this ________________ day of ________________, 20_______



2014 Colville Pet Rescue